We're in Chicago Tribune's Great Fall 2015 Book Preview

From the Chicago Tribune

"The summer book season tends to be associated with leisure reads and lighter fare, while fall is all about substance. There were certainly some literary gems strewn across June, July and August, but when appraising the quality and quantity of 2015 releases, the clichés are true: Fall is an embarrassment of riches, with new novels by Margaret Atwood and Salman Rushdie, poignant memoirs by Sandra Cisneros and Patti Smith, modern-day ghost stories, timely history lessons and more.

Of course, any attempt to round up every "must-read" fall book is a futile exercise. Treat the following as a point of departure — a starter curriculum, if you will, where each "course" represents a new category to explore (and luckily, not for a grade)."

The Death of Cancer is in there!